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Mad River Food Hub is seeking a Facilities and Operations Supervisor

Posted on April 28th, 2015

Job Description – Facilities and Operations Supervisor

Opened in 2011, the Mad River Food Hub (MRFH), located in Waitsfield, Vermont, is seeking a Facilities and Operations Supervisor to work collaboratively with our customers and employees in the daily operations of a 6,000 square foot shared-use, USDA and State of Vermont inspected food processing and business incubator facility. Our main focus is in aiding our clients and partners in establishing and growing value added food businesses. The MRFH is an L3C for-profit enterprise that provides three core services to its clients, who include both farmers and small-scale local food entrepreneurs:

  • Low-cost, rentable work space and processing equipment for food processors
  • Dry, refrigerated and freezer storage for a range of users
  • Distribution of products to a variety of area retailers

The Facilities and Operations Supervisor will work alongside a staff of three to facilitate and streamline these services.

If you have a passion for local food, are interested in fostering partnerships with producers, and have a desire to learn about all aspects of food hub management, this may be the perfect job for you.

General Qualifications:

The successful applicant for this position will be the person who best demonstrates the following work skills and characteristics:

  • We are in the Customer Service business. This position requires close customer contact to effectively work with, supervise, guide and train clients, and to build and maintain healthy relationships and connections to farmers and local food system partners. The Food Hub’s success requires the Facilities and Operations Supervisor to be committed to exceeding client’s expectations.
  • Our Facility and Operations Supervisor must be committed to maintaining the highest levels of food sanitation in our plant. Knowledge of food sanitation science is very helpful; knowledge of HACCP systems is an enormous bonus.
  • An ability to organize and manage operational systems such as warehouse storage, equipment use, sanitation checks, and record keeping.
  • MRFH’s Facilities and Operations Supervisor needs to be proactive in anticipating challenges in space organization, scheduling, equipment maintenance and food safety; and solution-oriented in addressing those challenges pro-actively.
  • Our Facilities and Operations Supervisor needs to be hardworking, able to get to work at 7:00 AM; pitch in to help in the cleaning and maintenance of processing rooms, move storage pallets, or drive the delivery truck if and when the need arises.
  • Have interest in learning about start-up level wholesale and retail food businesses, including their challenges as well as their successes.
  • Excellent communication skills will be necessary to correspond with clients, report to and work with the General Manager, as well as to help direct and coordinate with our deliveries driver.


Relevant Experience:

Relevant experience in the food industry is preferred. Food processing, especially meat processing, is what brings clients to the Mad River Food Hub, so food safety is absolutely essential to our success. Some level of experience with food safety practices, and knowledge of the science behind it is imperative to the position.

The MRFH‘s Facilities and Operations Supervisor will have the primary responsibility for ensuring food safety, which includes preparing HACCP Plans and working directly with clients and federal and state inspectors on food safety processes. While we can train the right candidate, experience as mentioned above is required.

Some combination of meat and/or other food processing, warehouse management, scheduling, and maintenance experience will be helpful.

Supervisory experience, motivation, and a good ability to self-supervise is helpful.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilities Management and Maintenance: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor will demonstrate an ability to quickly acclimate themselves into the food hub, become familiar with day to day operations, and take charge in organizing equipment and space effectively.
  • Warehouse, Cooler, and Freezer Storage Organization: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor should must be willing to train on forklift operation and use it as necessary to lift loads into pallet bays. Any shipping or receiving experience is a bonus.
  • Shipping and Receiving Coordination and Product Management: Working closely with our General Manager, the Facilities and Operations Supervisor is responsible for coordination of the hub’s storage as well as its distribution routes.
  • Food Safety: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor will monitor all food safety issues in conjunction with the General Manager. This includes record keeping, direct observation of the Food Hub’s clients and partners, and the design, implementation, and maintenance of acceptable HACCP plans to help our customers comply with Federal and State Meat and Poultry Inspection and VT Dept. Of Health regulations.
  • Customer Care and Management: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor is the primary contact for our customers while they are using the hub for processing of their products, is a main contact for telephone inquiries, and an intuitive problem solver for clients. In addition, the Facilities and Operations Supervisor manages relationships with dozens of clients and community partners. Creating an atmosphere of cooperation, professionalism and enjoyment is the essential customer service goal of the position. It is imperative the person selected is committed to exceeding customer expectations.
  • Systems: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor will need to quickly become proficient with the software systems that run the hub’s scheduling of shared-use processing rooms, storage space, and distribution. Any experience with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Mojyle Temp Control and Nextraq Fleet Management Software is a plus.
  • Facility: The Facilities and Operations Supervisor works with the General Manager to maintain and improve the facility and its equipment. We are looking for someone who is likely to make a best effort to fix something, rather than call in a pricy repair service when it can be avoided.



The Facilities and Operations Supervisor is a full time salaried position based on qualifications.

Please send a Cover Letter and Resume along with any references to our General Manager, Joshua Gibbs at  No phone calls please.

For more information on the Mad River Food Hub please visit



April 28th, 2015 • Mad River Food Hub is seeking a Facilities and Operations Supervisor